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ciera 08-28-2009 08:39 PM

Sanding and painting front porch
Our front porch was covered in bright blue astroturf, which we removed. The porch itself is made of two kinds of wood: most of it appears to be thin redwood slats, and the outside edge is slightly wider pine slats. The redwood is old (possibly original) and has paint on it. All of it is covered in glue. Some of the glue chips off easily, there are large patches where it came off with a broom.

1) How do we remove the glue (and what is presumably lead paint)? Orbital sander? Is there anything to be aware of with glue, two kinds of wood, and lead paint? Do we take the sander all the way up to the brick, or do we pad sand the edges?

2) After removing the glue/paint, can we just prime and paint, or is there any other prep work we need to do?

Just Bill 08-29-2009 06:20 AM

If the paint is pre 1978, it probably has lead, which may require special removal depending on local codes. If it is older, I would avoid sanding , use chemical strippers. There are several good citrus based ones available. Don't recall the name, but one at Lowes is orange. Use proper precautions such a respirators and gloves. Only when all or nearly all the paint is off should you consider sanding, and then use a vacuum collection system.

ciera 08-29-2009 07:52 AM

Will the strippers remove the glue though?

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