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Big Paul 11-02-2012 11:42 AM

Sand & cement floor screed finish
I have had a small extension built and on top of the concrete floor the builder has laid a 75mm thick screed of sand and cement. This was laid as quite a dry mix and given a slight fall towards a floor drain. There are also a few pipes buried within this screed as they supply a sink and radiator.
Because I couldn't walk on the screed for a couple of days I was unaware that the screed did not go fully into all the corners but now I've had a chance to look around the room I'm concerned about the finish.
Firstly, as I said the screed was not fully compacted into the corners and the result is loose and crumblely. Furthermore, the surface may be flat but it is far from smooth, in fact everyone who has seen it comments upon how rough it looks/feels (I tried to attach a photo of part of the floor but I am not sure it was successful).
I wanted a waterproof floor as it is a laundry room and thought the floor would be smooth and suitable but maybe will go for a vinyl covering.
The builder says the floor is fine and he will patch up the corners but I don't know. Can anyone provide some guidance on what a sand and cement screed should look and feel like? Is it suitable to stand a washing machine on given the vibration of the machine when spinning?
Also, does anyone know what sort of fitting should be used as the floor drain?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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