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MGK01 02-25-2011 10:30 AM

Sagging floor in kitchen...Advise please
The wife and I are beginning our kitchen remodel this weekend and I have a few questions about fixing the floor. We plan on laying a laminate floating floor but want the floor to be as level as possible before we do so. At the moment the floor has 2 layers of peel and stick tile (previous owner tiled over it), a layer of plywood (unknown thickness) and from our unfinished basement I can see floor planks. The thing about the floor planks is they run perpendicular to the joists (2x8's 14ft span) and I believe they are 1x6. Something odd about the planks is that for the first 4 feet from the back of the house (kitchen sits in back right corner of house) they are 1x10's and the joists are 20" on center, but only for the first 2 joists, after that they go to 16" on center. My idea was to tear down to the joists by cutting around the perimeter of the walls with a circular saw and lay new plywood T&G with more plywood underlayment until the kitchen is flush with the dining and living rooms (adjoining rooms). The sag in the floor runs parallel with the joists as in, the joists run from east to west, and the sag runs east to west. At the lowest point the sag is 1.25" and thats about 4ft from the east wall (exterior wall), at that point the floor begins to start coming back up when it reaches the interior wall which is supported by the center beam in the basement (3 2x8s lagbolted together atop steel posts). question is, would a complete tear off be practicle? Or should I just rip off the first layer of plywood underlayment, leave behind the planks and maybe use a SLC?

Sorry if my post is a little confusing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

rusty baker 02-25-2011 11:25 AM

What will be the new floor covering?

MGK01 02-25-2011 11:36 AM

Laminate flooring, 12mm thickness with padding attatched.

<*(((>< 02-25-2011 12:34 PM

Why not get under the sagging joists with a 4"x4" post and a hydraulic jack and sister a few new 2x8's along side the sagging joists once you get them level with the jack?

Don't know if you have access to the supports (ie foundation or top plate) that the floor joists rest on but this would be an option that I would consider before tearing out the floor and joists.

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