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chesterton 12-29-2012 12:02 PM

Sacrificial plywood underlayment before gluing engineered floor?
Reading opinions on whether to glue or nail engineered floors is enough to make my head spin. No one seems to dispute the effectiveness of glue in keeping the engineered floor stable and secure.. But the gist of the subject/argument seems to revolve around REMOVAL of the floor, when the time comes (which we all know, will :(). Tick Tock. Obviously removal of a glued engineered floor will severely damage if not destroy the ply subfloor..

But what about adding a thin (1/4") 'sacrificial' subfloor above the main subfloor BEFORE gluing the engineered wood? I haven't read about anyone doing this, or even considering it.

That said, I've decided to glue my floors. But not without reservation. The planks are 6.5" width, engineered Hickory. Typical 1/2" thick. I will be using Taylor MS+ Advance adhesive.

Here is my thought:

I currently have a 5/8" thick plywood subfloor, that I have spent countless hours leveling. I am considering nailing (w/ ring shank nails) or possibly crown stapling a 1/4" ply underlayment OVER TOP of my subfloor. I will then GLUE the engineered planks to the 1/4" ply. The idea is that when it is time for floor removal, the 1/4" ply underlayment will come up with the engineered planks, but the 5/8 ply underneath will be preserved, making it easier to replace the floor in the long run (i.e. NOT having to re-level :thumbsup:). The added 1/4" floor height isn't too much of a concern.

Thoughts on this? Am I crazy? How should I secure the 1/4" ply underlayment? What are all the reasons this won't work?

Thanks a bunch for any ideas here.

joecaption 12-29-2012 12:10 PM

The subflooring will still be distroyed when you remove the 1/4 plywood. Ring shanked nails will pull out hunks of wood or just snap off.

chesterton 12-29-2012 01:17 PM

So definitely no ring shanked nails. Good point. I want to preserve the 5/8 plywood as best possible so I only have to go down that far when it's re-flooring time.. Crown staples then? Only reason I want to avoid screws is the hope that I'll be able to get under it with a pry bar when the time comes.

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