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fiona 10-04-2008 11:58 PM

rumpus room - best flooring- carpet tiles/ laminate
Hi, am very new to this site. What like some expert advice and/or opinions on the best flooring for a rumpus room. The room has access to outside entertaining area with a spa walking through a laundry (with shower/toiet room) which has tiling on the floor. Have considered tiles for r. room but decided too cold in winter. The room will be mainly used by teenage boys. Am trying to decide between carpet tiles or floating laminate flooring. Am very budget conscious. Thanks for any ideas.

DangerMouse 10-05-2008 07:40 AM

carpet will certainly be warmer on the feet than tiles or laminate. may i suggest ReStore? Habitat for Humanity has many of them all over the country and most will have carpet MUCH cheaper than a regular store. as well as most anything else for homes. cabinets, elec. supplies, doors, windows, etc. all at very reasonable prices! i go there first for almost anything i'm looking for. most times they have what i need.


BJLower 10-05-2008 07:47 AM

The floating wood looks nice and is an easy DYI
I was surprised to find out that the thin clear coat that's in the top of the newish wood flooring is the indistructible part.

The first time I helped put one in we laid a burning cigarette on a scrap piece and it burned all the way down and it just wiped clean.

If southern Florida, becasue of our tempurate we can get way without puting the floating part down, becasue we don'e have the expansion and contraction problem.

If you like to warm the room up a bit try putting in the fireplaces that you can pick up pretty cheap at Home Depot. Putting one into a corner is a weekend job. If your rumpus room isn't on the top floor they even make a gas one that side vents.

If you realy want to see some neat fireplaces look up Fire and Ice fire places.

I build one intheback yard just using landscaping stones and had a metal cover made for it in case I wanted to use wood instead of gas. They even have remote control starters. I used sprickler sytem prat to put a nice little water display into it as well.

Don't believe the one sites bit about you having to use thier special triple tempered glass. The fireplace they show isn't from the fire it's becasue the forgot to clean the chimney. If you've ever seen someone bend glass rods to make sailing ships and other art out of, they have to get the glass right on hotest part of the torch. A cooler fire that's above the glass isn't going to effect the glass.

We saw some nice ones at a home show. If your burning gas you don't need a venting system. They had made ones that were table that went in themiddleof the living room and even ones out of big pots. If you can get a gas line to it you can put one anywhere.

A freind back up in Illinois build a new house and went all out on the master bath. When I told him how to get to the site he put a small firsplace right next the monster tub he put in.

If you look at those sites and are a DIYer, you'll want to build one. The flame is so cool. The gas floats up throught the glass so is blue around the endges and then makes a yellow tower in the center. You'll see it in the pictures.


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