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gina05912 02-04-2009 12:30 PM

Ripping up Bruce Lock and Fold HELP!!
after much research..I decided to install Bruce Lock and Fold flooring in my formal living room and entry foyer..I decided on this flooring because of the width (I was butting up to flooring in another room and there was going to be a step with traditional hardwood) and b/c I was told the flooring was less likely to scratch (I am a pet owner). The gunstock color also matched my other flooring (I bought a 98 cent sample for comparison)

now the story! it is HORRIBLE!! absolutely horrible! It looks fake and nothing like hardwood..of course, inside the Lowes store, it did not look anything like it does in my home! AND the color lot is nothing like the sample I purchased...the actual installed floor is very similar in color to Brazilian cherry (much darker)

and after two trips to Lowes, speaking with several sales associates for advice and options, NO ONE mentioned the subflooring must be FLAWLESS in order for this flooring to work. So, as you walk across my LR...YOU LITERALLY BOUNCE!! and some of my furnature actually moves up and down as you walk past it!!!

Of course, I phoned Lowes as soon as the installers left and the installers admitted noticing the subflooring was not even. They didnt however, stop and notify us of this so that we might try to repair it prior to the installation, they just installed it! AND the installer also THREW MY SAMPLE AWAY so I now do not have the purchased sample to show them the difference in color!

I am sick..the room cost near $4000 and I hate it..Lowes is visiting my house tomorrow so we can discuss options.

I would love advice from ANYBODY...does anyone know if I can take this up and put it in another less traveled room...I just hate to rip it up and not recover some of the cost..

Ultimately, my plan is to rip it up and install solid traditional wood floors!

AllanJ 02-04-2009 01:23 PM

Assuming the flooring was properly installed, most of the boards are not nailed or glued. So most of the boards should be salvageable for use elsewhere.

But you might have to remove the cove molding around the perimeter of the room so yuou can tilt up and remove each board of the flooring one at a time.

mike costello 02-05-2009 05:45 AM

If you had it installed through a retailer they have to stand behind the install.

It is up to a professional floor installer to recognize and repair an improper subfloor before installing.

If you dont get satisfaction from the store tell them you want an independant inspector to look at it.

As far as the color goes, if its the same color as you chose ( should say on the box) your kinda stuck there. Wd is a natural product and exact color matches can not be gauranteed.

I have installd a great deal of this product and have never had an unhappy customer with it

Coolmom 06-15-2009 12:19 PM

Bruce/Armstrong/Turlington Lock n Fold
WE have had a terrible experience with this product. We try to stay away from bruce because had issues with laminate years ago but went with a product called Harding Summerfield Sierra Gold Lock and Fold and when we received it found out it was a Bruce/Armstrong product also known as Turlington. The floor product company sold us this quiet elegance underlayment that was supposed to be approved by the manufacture. Well, The floor had alot of bowed pieces that we worked around but when finished it pops and creaks and cracks (rice crispies)just like several people on this site (and others) describe. Armstrong came out to investigate and said it was the underlayment that was not approved by them but they recommended pulling it up and gluing it down. The flooring company said that Armstrong told them it was the installation not the underlayment. All that said, I have no faith in Armstrong or the retailer- neither care what happens once the product leaves their hands. I wished I had researched before buying! This is my warning to anyone researching the Fold and Lock product that Armstrong sells under several names.

26yrsinflooring 06-15-2009 05:23 PM

This is interesting
I sell Lock and Fold but I do not push it, the reps tell me it is great but experience tells me that a bowed 3" floating floor will not work.

I believe I may remove from my website or send it to archive.

There have been too many complaints.

RegeSullivan 06-15-2009 07:59 PM

If Lowe's provided the installers and you paid Lowe's (not the installer) they will likely take care of the problem quickly. If they don't take care of it to your satisfaction and you paid by credit card call the credit card company and see what they can do to help you work it out. Often one of the advantages of paying by credit card is they have services just for a situation like this.


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