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gmhammes 01-13-2010 09:53 AM

Retile kitchen and bath
Coming this Spring...
Remodel the kitchen and bath!
Okay so i have a late 70's home and most of the house has been updated (carpet removed, laminate wodd floor throughout the family room, hall, and office)
The kitchen and bath both have tile. The bathroom tile is original to the house and the kitchen was replaced with tile at some point.
The house is on a slab foundation so i should be fine to rip up the old tile, clean the slab good and start tile. I plan to tile under the cabinets however where the tile meets the wood floor should the leave the normal grout gap? I am not a fan of the laminate strips that came with the flooring so i will also be on the lookout for a better solution there.
I have began looking for tile now in hopes to maybe find some on clearance (as always, a budget project)

Is there anything else i should know? This is my first tile job however i have a pretty good skillset.
Also, if there is a thread you know of that answers most of these questions, feel free to direct me there.

Thanx in advance! :thumbsup:

Bob Mariani 01-13-2010 02:02 PM

just search here for you specific questions. All of this has been discussed many times.

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