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dmozingo 12-02-2011 12:23 AM

Resilient vinyl planking in basement
My basement has always had water leakage along the wall that meets the concrete driveway. That water has caused about half of the vinyl tiles in the 280 sq ft room to popup super easy. We recently had the basement water proofed and we're about to put some flooring down. We've been looking at that Allure vinyl planking at Home Depot. Reviews all seem good, and it'd be a bit cheaper than carpet and (theoretically) last longer.

Problem is, the tiles almost certainly have asbestos, and I had the glue below them bested and it has asbestos. So we have to leave the existing tiles and the glue from the popped up tiles as-is.

I was thinking of using the self-leveling compounds in the place of the popped-out tiles, but I'm not sure how it'll bond to the remaining glue (since it won't be straight concrete we're pouring it on). Does anyone know how it'll hold up? I don't want it to just break apart in a few years.

Another idea was to get super cheap self adhesive vinyl tiles and put those in the missing spots, then put the planking over the whole thing.

Are there any other options? It seems my only options are vinyl planking or carpet. I'd rather not pay for the later in case we do ever get water, but it may be the only option since we can't tear up the existing floor...


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