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Replacing subfloor

I am installing a 3/8's engineered wood floor in a house with a crawl space. In doing so, I've found that that the old subfloor is two layers. The bottom layer is what looks to be 5/8" osb and the top layer is 5/8" particle board. The floor joists are 2x8 spaced 16 inches oc with the greatest span 13 feet, pier and beam support. In the living room and hallways, I've cut up the particle board and replaced it with underlayment grade 3/4 plywood and then stapled the flooring to it. This was done about 5 years ago and I've had no problems with it so far. I've decided to do the bedrooms as well. Question. Given the difference in weight between the particle board and plywood(and i don't know that difference) am I putting too much weight on the foundation so that it could collapse? Generally speaking, considering the amount of weight the foundation was designed to hold, am I even coming close to overloading it? This may seem to be a silly question, but I didn't want to make the news with a picture of a house collapse.
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Replacing subfloor

The additional weight from the plywood from the plywood will not affect the foundation. When the weight is pressing down it puts the foundation in compression...and for most materials that's when they are strongest. Carry on!
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Replacing subfloor

If the difference in the weight between particle board and plywood is going to bring your house down you are in big trouble already.

Houses are built to stand short periods of massive weight. Think about all the guests that you have over. They could easily total up to a ton of extra weight or more. Two 250 pound men standing 3 feet away from each other could be standing on one joist and exerting 500 pounds on that one joist. Yet the house still stands.

I have seen cars crash into houses and sitting in the living room and the floor is holding up just fine. A 3 ton SUV exerts a lot of weight.

Not to worry.
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Replacing subfloor

Thanks for the input. I just had to hear it from someone that knew for sure. Sounds like that will be the least of my worries.
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