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tryingitourselves 08-21-2008 10:44 AM

Replacing rotten wood under linoleum bathroom floor
We are having water under the floor near our toilet (toilet was leaking). My husband took the toilet out and ripped up the linoleum where it was wet to let the floor dry. How do we go about taking the wet wood up and how do we replace it? We are going to put the sticky tile over it when we get the wet boards out and replaced.

buletbob 08-21-2008 12:27 PM

you could cut a square from the subfloor from center of joist tocenter of joist as long as the remaining floor is in good shape. cut out just enough till you get to solid wood. remove the screws from the closet flange that secures it to the subfloor. measure the the area you just opened and cut a piece of subfloor the same thickness and size of the opening. now find your center line of the closet flange and mark it on the new piece. drill a hole through the plywood the proper size of the flange ( not the over all size ) . the flange must have something to screw into the subfloor. Once drilled cut the piece down the center of the hole , so you have two halves. install one half and then add some blocking under the cut you made to help support the seam. install new screws into the flange and subfloor. fill in any cuts and nail holes as you would for installing new floor. if you are going to use a peal and stick tile once your prep work is finished I like to seal the subfloor or underlayment with a wood sealer like poly. or equivalent type of product. the tiles adhere better. Good luck BOB

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