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repair/refinish just part of hardwood floor area?

Hey all - had a major leak in laundry room. Water emergency team is drying out the house but looks like our hardwoods in the kitchen near the leak will have some damage. We have 1-inch tongue and groove hardwoods in 75% of our first floor - maybe 700+ square feet worth. They are 12 years old and the previous owner had a dog. So they show wear. Plus - we have 3 kids 4 and under and will soon have a smaller dog.

The hardwood area that took a hit is perhaps only 25 square feet.

So how does one get this fixed? I know the boards could be replaced - but would their grain match the old grain? Then - the new AND the old would need to be totally sanded and restained/repoly-ed.

But the biggest question is where would anyone make the break? My kitchen/dining area (with the hardwood damage at one end) is probably 400 square feet of continuous floor - one big room. They'd have to resand it all. But then there is a hall leading to a formal dining room that flows into a foyer and bathroom. If we only did the kitchen - then there would be an obvious seam/break. Ugly.

I could understand an insurance company not wanting to pay for it all. On the other hand - I don't think you'd use two different brick colors on the front of a house, or two similar yet slightly different carpets meeting at a seam.



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water damage

Wait till it is dried or when they say it is and tell them to moisture check the hardwood and make sure it is 8 % maybe 10% , Then make a determination wether the wood needs to be replaced ,Or sanded . they seem to dry them to 16%, from 16% the floor will move more as it dries to 8% , Thats why i say make sure it is around 8 to 10%.... Then you can have a hardwood company have a look , Sometimes water damage will go away except a little gapping , If you sand it before it gets below 12% or close it will still dry and move till it reachs what ever is usual for your area ,, usually 8% here in washington state . .BUT I would let them dry it ,then let it sit for a month till the rest of the moisture in the floor sub comes out , Or there will be a risk of that , then make a determination , I had a customer with water damage to maple , I told him to remove it and I bid it for removeall , the insurance gave him the money and he just had me refinish it , Then He called me a few months later and wanted me to fix it again , I said no dice , I told you to replace it , . Maple is different than oak , Oak seems to take water damage much better , But I would say it still reqiures an experienced call , The reason is , More water is under the hardwood traveling along the slots then you will see the immediate visible damages on top , Later the crowning will spread , then dry out ,


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