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FernStar 05-21-2009 07:34 AM

Renter laying laminate?
im moving into a rental (VERY hard to come by in this town) that has laminate in the whole house, save the kitchen & the largest bedroom.

The flooring in there is terrible, old, marked up linolium, but the room is HUGE, so a rug or rugs wont do to cover it.

im considering buying cheap laminate (i saw 77 cent a sq ft at Ikea) and doing it myself. its unlikely they will pay for it, so i thought i could just remove it after..i am planning a very long term rental here.

im very low income single mother of 3 so please dont suggest more expensive ways to floor.

thanks! fern

RegeSullivan 05-21-2009 08:22 AM

I have used the Ikea flooring product and it held up well. Over 10 years in an entry way. The only place that was a problem was under a roll around chair that was used every day by every in the family. I should have put a chair pad under it. For a very low cost floor it held up well and was very easy to put down.


Scuba_Dave 05-21-2009 08:35 AM

You would need approval from the owner 1st

Without written permission you could lose your security deposit or be fined

FernStar 05-21-2009 09:38 AM

rege: thanks for the tips! it will be in a relatively low traffic room ,so no worries there. and like i said, the rest of the house is already laminate, they just didn't bother with the room. they are very... thrifty.

and no worries about permission from the landlady. she has okay'd it. she just wont pay for it, which is why i was asking about removing it after. i know that people in europe do that.. move it with them when they go. i just dont want to pay for home improvements that will be left when i go, YK?

FernStar 05-21-2009 09:39 AM

oh yeah, and is it okay to lay it on top of linoleum? i would get the foamy underlay stuff.

RegeSullivan 05-21-2009 09:47 AM

Actually linoleum makes a great base for for laminate and I have seen it laid directly on the linoleum. However I would use the foam because it is pretty cheap and not worth taking a chance of a problem if you don't use it.


Scuba_Dave 05-21-2009 10:31 AM

Big rooms are hard
I've always gone with rugs in rentals, helps keep the heat in
I pulled up flooring on my 2nd floor when I dormered the back
I walled off a low kneewall area at the front & will re-use the laminate in the new enlarged back area

It was fairly easy to pull up

Floorwizard 05-21-2009 11:21 AM

Why not a large area rug?
It will most likely be just as affordable, it will cover the lino, easier to install, and you can take it with you!

FernStar 05-22-2009 09:16 AM

if anyone knows where to get HUGE rugs for less than 200$ please let me know. none of my searching has come up with anything..that includes walmart, ikea..

my calculations are that with the room being almost 16 ft x 16 ft a rug large enough (or rugs) to cover the floor would cost at least 3 times what the 77 cent a square foot ikea laminate would. even with the underlay... it came out to be somewhere in the range of 200$ for the room.. and i have a year lease and can renew for as long as i want. i plan to be in this place a very long time ( i have 3 kids..its so close to everything in the little town) not to mention the ease of cleaning laminate in comparison to rugs.. i would have to invest in a good vacuum, a carpet cleaner or something eventually.. it all comes down to practicality and i think the time & $ spent putting down the laminate will be well worth it.

and im not worried about heat. the landlady has a pellet stove in the house and like 5 years supply of pellets. the stove is not 5 feet from my bedroom door, so we will be toasty warm.

RegeSullivan 05-22-2009 09:58 AM

I picked up a remnant at a local carpet store for $100.00 that was 12’ x 19’. You can find carpet on 16’ rolls and just may find a remnant that will work for you. It will have some defect but it is likely you will not really notice it. Mine had a strip of missing fibers that ended up mostly under a table where I used it and even when it wasn’t covered it was just not that noticeable. Make sure the one you pick does not unravel on the edges because it will not have edge binding and having the binding add will cost lots more then the rug.


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