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rgmetro 07-11-2007 03:16 PM

Removing Wood Flooring - Cutting Close to the Edge of the Wall
Hello all,

just ran into the builder of my house (we bought our house 7 years old) and he told me that my oak flooring was laid over 1x4's rather than 3/4 ply.

i'm planning to replace the flooring with engineered wood floor which i'll float over the existing sub concrete floor...after a layer of foam or whatnot. there a circ. saw that can get close enough to the wall so that when i cut the existing wood flooring, i can just replace the floor moulding/shoe to hide the gap?

Floorwizard 07-11-2007 10:06 PM

I think most installers get as close as possible, then chip away with a chisle.

RippySkippy 07-12-2007 06:21 AM

Take a standard circular saw, run the side closest to the blade against the base and cut along all the base. It wouldn't take much with a decent pry bar to pop the chunks out. A jamb or toe kick saw would get very close to the base, not sure if it would get close enough to allow the shoe to hide the transition.

In my last house I popped the trim, layed the floor and re-installed the trim, and it didn't require a shoe. I wouldn't leave chunks of the old floor there...but that's just me.

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