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Sixpack 02-22-2009 03:42 PM

Removing old tile and looking at options for my basement.
Right now I have that typical 50's 9x9 tile in my basement. Its seen some water damage and is cracking and coming loose in some places. I've decided to remove it and redo the floor. I'm not sure if its asbestos or not, so I'll be having it tested.

What is the best method for removal? I've been using a coal shovel to pop up all the intact, loose pieces. I'm not messing with the rest until I know if its asbestos or not.

The adhesive is black, almost like a thin smear of asphalt.

Will that adhesive need to be removed prior to application of a new floor covering? If so, how?

Now to my options...

I'm laid off right now, so I'm looking to do an inexpensive fix that can later be upgraded. I'm thinking of painting the floor and possibly adding a non slip additive. Later on I want to be able to tile the floor if I decide to do something different.

Will there be problems if I paint now and decide to tile later? Any recommendations on paint?

Thanks for any insight you folks may have, its much appreciated.

R&D Tile 02-22-2009 04:33 PM

Yes, if they are 9x9 brittle tile with black cutback adhesive, I'd say they ARE asbestos, not getting into how to remove them.

But, once you do and just a film of the glue left, you can tile over the floor with a good modified thinset rated for cutback adhesive, Flexbond from HD will work fine.

Do Not paint it or do anything else if tile is what you want, tile it now or go with a laminate.

cschloerke 02-22-2009 07:59 PM

I agree with R&D. DO NOT PAINT THE FLOOR if you want to adhere anything to it down the road. Also, it sounds like asbestos to me as well. I would recco getting a professional evaluation from a flooring contractor and finding out if there is a way to do it without removing the tile.

JazMan 02-22-2009 09:25 PM

There is no need to have it tested, I can tell you it's asphalt tile for sure, and it does contain asbestos The adhesive may also contain asbestos.

It can be easily removed by you. But some people are frightened into spending thousands of dollars to do a simple job. Just don't make dust.

Floors should never be painted regardless of future plans.


Sixpack 02-23-2009 02:33 PM

Too much of it is loose or damaged to cover, and it looks terrible with bare concrete. I was going to do a laminate on the section with the bar, but the rest is still used as a work space for larger projects. I figured that epoxy floor paint might be a good compromise. So any other suggestions on a decent looking but durable floor covering?

Will the adhesive from the tile need to come off? I can remove the tile without problems (its coming off pretty much intact), but that adhesive will still be there.

Thanks for the input!

R&D Tile 02-23-2009 06:57 PM

You can tile over the adhesive if you like.

LOUSY CARPENTER 02-24-2009 02:57 PM

I have just finished my basement floor and I'm in a 1950's style house as well. It sounds like you have the same floor as I did, If you are looking for an inexpensive way to finish a floor for now and add to it later tile or whatever, epoxy is the way to go. I removed all the tile and I too was left with the black adhesive, the only way that stuff is coming off is scraping and a lot of it I used a floor scraper, don't waste your money on any chemicals it will only make a mess of the stuff. If you go the epoxy route do a small section in your basement to make sure it does not bead up if it does theres some kind of water repellent on the floor and you'll have to look into getting a primer down first.

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