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GlenCoombe 03-14-2007 06:49 AM

Removing Glued Down Hardwood
I came the the conclusion that you can't pay someone enough money to remove glued down hardwood strip flooring.
I removed about 90 sq. feet of floor in my kitchen and am still cleaning up the residual mastic.
After cutting the floor with a circular saw the removal job was accomplished with a chisel and a two pound hammer.
Each strip was removed by breaking the bond with the chisel and then popping it loose.
Often the strips seperated from their base and the remainer had to be chisled from the floor.
Each strip had kerfs about an inch apart to aid in bonding it to the concrete subfloor.
Now I'm working with a long handled floor scraper to remove the residual mastic... again this is slow, tedious work.
I would suggest if you have a large area to clear that you might want to explore using CO2 or DryIce to freeze the mastic and then chip it off easier. I tried a solvent but it was less than useless. I suspect that if you had access to a large horn C02 fire extinguisher you might be able to blast the floor one small area at a time and then scrap/chip the mastic off.
If anyone has a better idea now is the time to post....while I've still got about half of the floor to clean up.

sfixx 03-17-2007 04:09 PM

Hi Glen, I would explore trying a different mastic removal solvent. Their are many on the market, and aside from a powered machine it's the only way it's done. The solvent will not help until it reaches the mastic so you will still need to chip off most of the flooring first but it will at least help clean up the remaining mess.

Good luck,


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