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MAJinSEA 10-02-2011 08:15 PM

Removing epoxy Laticrete spectralock grout
I'm a lady homeowner and I have a mess on my hands. The tile company I hired to tile 244 sq. feet of bathroom, closet and shower with polished porcelain tile messed up and they admit this and want a chance to correct. There is black lines of "show through" on the off white epoxy based Laticrete Spectralock between joints, over flowing and under-filled joints, pools of epoxy on the tiles, etc. Two weeks old.
They want to remove the grout with a Jasco product suggested by the laticrete rep, a heat gun and utility knife.

Question: I can't find any reference to a Jasco tile grout remover online, even though suggested by Laticrete Rep. Could removing the grout using a product like this (probably similar to MEK???), cause this product to seep into the adhesive under and undermine the integrity of the tile adhesive?

They need to remove two damaged tiles in the shower because he installed them and they both have black holes in them. Could removal undermine the integrity of the waterproofing that was done?

the plan is to remove all the grout in the 244 sq feet, then regrout. What do you think? Thanks for any help you can be! Maryanne

OhioHomeDoctor 10-02-2011 08:19 PM

I would be wary while letting the guy who messed it up fix it. All of your concerns are legitimate. Get another estimate to see what a professional tile setter would charge to fix it, then approach the guy with the number. It might be better for everyone if the original guy pays the new guy. Best wishes.

oh'mike 10-02-2011 08:33 PM

Never heard of the Jasco product---

You have a serious situation there---Epoxy grout is going to be difficult to remove from the face of the tiles--I didn't know that it could be done.

As to the shower---wall tile or floor? Wall --can do---floor ? Depends on the way the pan is waterproofed--

Epoxy grout is an unforgiving product----very unforgiving.---Mike---

OhioHomeDoctor 10-02-2011 08:39 PM

You are probably going to need to get an insurance certificate from the tile company. You should already have one but if not get one quickly. I would say to make it right its going to be a redo....

Bud Cline 10-02-2011 10:16 PM

Jasco makes adhesive removers, we use it here frequently. The Jasco product is nothing like M.E.K., I think you are just guessing at that aren't you?:)

The way to remove the epoxy grout is with a heat source (heat gun) and surgically peel it out with a wood carving gouge or utility knife. The Jasco will not have an effect on the tile adhesive which should be thinset mortar for porcelain tile.

The tiles to be removed in the shower should first have all the grout surrounding the offending tiles removed and the tiles should be shattered with a hammer to save the substrate.

I gotta tell ya...
If Laticrete has one of their reps involved in the matter I would suggest you back off and let them do their job. Laticrete is a highly reputable company and in fact the founder (Henry Rothberg) is also the inventor of many tile installation products that are state of the art today.

Sounds like you are in good hands.:)

MAJinSEA 10-03-2011 10:50 PM

Why do I need an insurance certificate? How to get it?
Thanks to all of you who replied. Ohio Home Doctor, I am interested in your comment about getting an insurance certificate. I went to the State of Washington site and the company is licensed and bonded. I can ultimately go after their bond and it will cost me $200 to file for it. I'd love to get another company but the WA state rules say I have to let them try to fix it first. So I hope the Jasco product, heatgun and knife work. They are very slow about responding, however.

Bud,the Laticrete rep is only involved in that I insisted they contact him to get the right product because the were going to use MEK and it was not mentioned in any Laticrete online bulletins.

Bud, Glad to hear it is not MEK...I was guessing! You are right. Laticrete has a GREAT website and I've learned tons about grout from it.

Thanks again guys, You're the best!..You have been very helpful and at least I know to let them go ahead with the Jasco, heat gun and knife. (Two tiles on shower wall and one scratched on bathroom floor will be removed.) I hope it works and the regrouting is successful.

If you know anyone in Seattle who is competent with Laticrete let me know since I may have to use them and have another bathroom that will need tile. Maryanne

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