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capslock 03-04-2008 12:59 PM

Removed basement stairs - put in floor for washer and dryer

Moving into a house. The old owner took out the interior stairs to the basement as there is a door to the basement that leads to the outside. They did this to put the washer and dryer in its place - so essentially making what used to be a stairwell into a closet.

He patched up the whole with I guess plywood. some 2x4s and a metal beam to hold up one of the corners in the basement. He then put stackable washer and dryers on the new floor he put in himself.

Well the inspector went through and said that floor needed to be replaced or fixed to make sure it will not have problems down the road. I could see what he was saying.

What I would like to do:
Well while we are getting it fixed up I thought instead to just remove what he put there and instead create a floor that is 'recessed'.

Here is the point, I would like to put a new washer and dryer in the spot of the old ones. They will be those washer and dryers with the front access doors. So I would like to make the floor so that the washer and dryer and sitting lower than the floor on the first floor.

Two reasons: 1 because my g/f is short and getting the knobs on the top of the stacked dryer my prove a bit tricky
and 2: If the washer ever flood - the recessed floor would give a better chance from the 1st floor from water damage.

Ok - so if that made sense to anybody - is this something I can do myself or do you think I should hire someone? You not knowing my abilities I can say I envision what would need to be put together, I am decent with my hands. All I need is a bit of help to plan out the details of the design.

I am also concerned about how the washer and dryer would bang around a bit and the floor would never have a consistant weight while the washer and dry is in motion. I guess the washer and dryer we are looking at can have cement or something put in it to weigh it down and prevent shaking but i understand that this is not 100% fool proof. So - with that said, I do not know if my decent but not professional skills can create something to withstand the pressure of a washer and dryer shaking.


jcalvin 03-04-2008 04:44 PM

Best idea is to build the floor back the same level as the remaining house. Buy you g/f a stool or trade her in on a taller version:wink: . I don't know if you know of a washer/ dryer combo that never goes out but its going to be a b^&*$ to pick that hunk of lead up out of that hole your going to frame. If it was me, I would rebuild the steps and put the w/d back down in the basement were you can roll those puppies right of the truck and set up.

Sorry about the g/f joke, go buy here a front loading Bosch 500 series set. She will love them.

deinesnat 10-09-2010 11:07 AM

need to close stairwell in house
I'm trying to close a stairwell going to the basement. I want to cover the hole with hardwood floor so i can have a eating space. my question is : did you redo the floor and secure it ? if so How did you do? what did you use and how? the dimensions of stairwell hole is 13 1/2 feet long by 3 1/2 feet wide. thanks for your help and time :)

capslock 10-09-2010 02:15 PM

Well here is what happened when I first started this thread.

Basically I wrote the thread too early. I found out that the flooring the previous owner put it was already recessed, so we didnt have to worry about that.

However the platform was still unsafe as it was only being supported by a couple 2x4s and a rusted post.

All we did was put in a 4x4 at each corner, then added a couple of 4x4 pieces to tie the corners together and then put plywood as siding to really tie it all in.

If you looked at it you might laugh, but then again the washer and dryer isn't going anywhere.

If I'm feeling particularly helpful later I might take a picture of what it looks like in the basement to show you what the end result is.

For your purpose, i'd just do the same but make sure it's level with the floor you want to have the new hardwood match to.

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