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jfm617 07-05-2007 04:22 PM

remove/replace tile over mud base
Hello all,

I recently purchased a house that has a tile entryway. We love the idea of tile in the entryway but just not the choice that exists now.

Id like to remove the existing and replace with new tile. I don't mind doing the labor to remove the old tile (and would prefer to remove and replace for height reasons as opposed to tiling over the top) but will almost certainly gouge/damage the mud base while doing the demo. The total sq footage is approx 60 sq ft.

Can I use some type of compund (floor leveler, etc) to fix any damage to the base before retiling?

Ive tiled before over backerboard with good results but have never tackled working over a mud base.

Another option was to remove the mud base down to the subfloor and fill in gouges and add in a layer of backer board over thin set at that point. Not sure whats involved in removing the mud base.

Any and all advice and ideas are greatly appreciated.


MattCoops 07-07-2007 06:38 AM

You could use a hammer drill with a cold chisel attachment to remove the tile down to the subfloor.

Then install an underlayment and tile.

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