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nkcnf 12-30-2009 09:20 PM

remove gleued carpet from concrete floor
I am removing wool carpet from a concrete floor which has been glued down, only been layed for about 6 months, there is no under lay, how is the best way to remove the carpet without damage. HELP ME!!!!!:(

rusty baker 12-30-2009 10:31 PM

Without damaging what?

nkcnf 12-30-2009 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by rusty baker (Post 374207)
Without damaging what?

The carpet was layed about 6 months in an office block and has never been walked on or used. new owner want to replace this carpet. The carpet has been glued to a concret floor and I wanted to know how hard this would be to pull up as I want to use the carpet again without damaging the carpet. I don't know if it has been glued just around the edges or all underneath.

vsheetz 12-31-2009 12:14 AM

Tack strips around the edges? Probably not glued too securely - maybe a bead running around under the center areas. No way to really know till you get in there pulling it up.

I have a fairly heavy 6" wide scraper on a long handle - I would start pulling up the carpet and using the scraper as needed to work the glued areas loose and work my way across the floor.

TitaniumVT 12-31-2009 12:29 AM

Why don't you try an oscillating tool like the Dremel Multi-Max? it comes with an attachment that's used for removing tile, and might work. Harbor Freight sells a Chinese made tool like this for $35. It's called a "Multifunction Power Tool":

I have one, and it's super useful for all kinds of projects. Not sure if it'll work on carpet, but might be your best option to try. Go slow, and make sure it's not damaging the carpet as you pull it off.

nkcnf 12-31-2009 12:32 AM

Thankyou, I will be picking up next week so I will have to get myself a scraper and I will let you know it all goes.

nkcnf 12-31-2009 12:49 AM

Hmmm and a power tool too!! better to be prepared!!

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