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DanJohnston 10-24-2005 07:21 AM

Relaying soild wooden floor
We have decided to have an expose wooden floor in our lounge/dinning room. A number of the original boards are in a very poor state and there are gaps of vary sizes between all of the boards. I have therefore decided to relay the original boards so that they all butt up to each other and replace the broken/poor boards with ones that I have salvaged from other rooms in the house.

Are 50mm clasp nails the right thing to use in refixing the boards?

Should I first lay insulation sheeting (for example 3mm foil underlay for floating floors)?

Can anyone offer any helpful hints & tips in relaying a wooden floor?


nicknackynoo 10-25-2005 07:50 AM

Hi, I attempted this once but came against a few problems!

First problem was the gaps left behind by previous nails, try lever up your boards and get a grip on the nails to remove them, rather than let the nail rip right through the board as there won't be much for the nail to grip on to when replacing the boards.

You can buy a device that clamps the boards close together for a tighter fit but you won't get perfection as the boards are old and won't be straight. (I'm presuming you have an old floor)

Putting an underlay is a good idea but I'm not sure reflective foil will be necessary as heat losses tend to be through walls and ceilings, so a good draught blocking material will do and will be less expensive. Please bear in mind that some draughts are necessary if you have an open fire in the room as it needs to get air from somewhere.

Personally, I filled the gaps with black caulking paste (easily available) to reduce the draughts and give it the authentic exposed board look, then sanded and varnished the lot.


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