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Sartrean 01-17-2012 01:06 PM

Refinishing old wooden floors - Sanding Procedures
My wife and I have an old farm house built in 1899. The floors are the original 1 inch thick pine boards. We recently hired a craftsman to refinish one of the rooms and while he did the most amazing job, we cant afford to have him do the rest of the house.

Therefore, we wanted to look into doing the floors ourselves. We need to have someone who knows about floors to post the proper sanding procedure including grit number, number of sandings with a specific grit number, best type of floor sander, and any other tips for someone new to this type of work.

Thanks so much

Daniel Holzman 01-17-2012 03:09 PM

Been there, done that. Although I do a lot of my own work, I have given up on floor sanding. The drum type machines are heavy, and are prone to gouging the floor unless used very carefully. The orbital machines are more forgiving, but slower. In the end, it is very difficult for a DIY person to get a satisfactory job the first time, and it is very hard to save money, between rental costs, picking up the machine, dropping it off, cost of varnish etc.

But if you are bound and determined to do this, I suggest you purchase a book on the subject. We have one called Refinishing Hardwood Floors. Gives a detailed, step by step procedure, which I will not plagiarize here. Also discusses different types of machines, tricks and tips, types of finishes. Lots of pictures, which are very valuable. All that said, we did one room, will never do it again. Better to hire a floor mechanic in my book, but that is my experience, others may have done better.

Sartrean 01-18-2012 06:55 AM

LOL OK..after watching some Youtube videos and doing some online research, we concur. The rate from the professional floor craftsman is 3.00/sq ft. While the price does not include the stain, it does include two coats of poly.

We calculated time, materials, rentals, gas and figure that making this a DIY project only saves us about $500.00 on the project. We think its worth the extra money to have a pro do it who can be dedicated to the floors rather than us trying to scramble things together in a weekend or after work.


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