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4just1don 10-11-2008 12:33 AM

Refinishing hardwood floor questions of -time etc.
I have NEVER done this before and asking for 'specific direction'

If I want to take up the carpet in this aprox.(My minds eye ruler has a serious stretch factor) 11X 18 ' living room, attached 3 X3 hallway,and attached to THAT a 10X 12 bedroom with a small closet and refinish it 'myself' how long will this take to sand etc. and what sanding tools do I rent?? I 'assume'(dangerous for ME),,, I need a big sander for main part of floors and another for 'edges'?? how long of process is this??(In other words do I rent the sander's' for a day,4 hours, a week,or WHAT???)

I guess an additional question,,,what kinds of stains,problems,,, preclude doing this at all? Like ANY pet stains?? What can NOT be taken out by the sanding process?? IF it is dark black it wont come off(havent LOOKED yet)???

ANything else a 'rookie' floor finisher would NEED to know before tackling such a issue?? SOME people say I cant do this, cheaper to put some NEW over the top,,,cant believe that!!

Okay and while I am at it,,what do I buy,,,stain???(I LIKE light oak) and final finish coats??? how much? (5 gallons of each???) LOL!!!

Thanks for putting up with me here!!-d-

4just1don 10-14-2008 01:20 AM

Did I ask illegal questions here??? Ignore those and give me SOME direction.

SM1 10-14-2008 12:52 PM

you have like 300 or 400 sqft to sand so you want 3 gallons of poly, one for each coat...ish. the sanding shouldn't take more than 2 days (it'd prolly take me like 3 hours to sand but that's my job hehe) plan on one day with the big machine.when you take it back, get an edger and a 16 in rotary buffer. once your done with the edges go over the floor with a 100 grit screen on the buffer. if you like light oak you don't need stain just coat the floor three times. before you put the third coat on, lightly buff the floor again with the used 100 grit screen to smooth the floor out. coat it , let it dry, and revel in the glory that is your first floor.hehe

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