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ready for subfloor, 3 quick questions

Hey all.
I'm getting ready to put in the subfloor and I have 3 questions.

1. is the insulation usually put in before, during, or after the subfloor? All of my wiring comes down through the attic, so the only floor work to do later is the pipes (it's the kitchen). So, it wouldn't make much difference, just soliciting opinions, which is more convenient?

2. The subfloor will measure exactly 12 feet 3/4 inch along the joists. If I'm using 4x8 plywoood, I'm going to have 3/4" (minus spacing) left over at the end. What's the solution? It seems like there will have to be four rows of wood, so maybe I should cut the sheets down to 3 and 1/2 by 8 and have the last row be 18 and 3/4, or sth like that? or, since the last 3/4 inch is actually rim joist, maybe I should just buy one smaller piece of plywood and cut it into 3/4 strips and fill it in along the edge?

3. I double blocked the framing, 12 foot 2x10s with pieces of 14.5" 2x10, putting one at the 4' mark and one at the 8' mark (staggered 1.5" so I could nail them). There was a bit of squeaking walking across the boards after I finished, and then I put one 3" deck screw in each end of each blocking piece (which already had 3 16d nails evenly spaced). I still have a couple of spots that creak. Should I fix these (and how?) before putting down the subfloor, or should I count on the adhesive and the screws in the subfloor to take care of it?

Thanks all.


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1. If I understand insulate last, just before drywall.
2. This depends on the person doing the construction. I'd go as far as cutting the first piece at 24" and then the last piece sized as needed if some walls aren't quite square. Then use the extra plywood on another project. But I know there are people who would just put a sliver of wood in there and cover it up.
3. Why did you block out your floor at only a 12ft. span? And usually when blocking out a floor you do it at midspan. Normally floor joist blocking is installed when your really at the limits of having a solid floor with no spring to it (which is shorter than minimum code from my experience). Are you doing something different for a special reason?

Hope your project is going good


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on #1, i was talking about the floor insulation. I went ahead and put it in before the subfloor (Which is done now)
on #2, I went with the sliver (and funny you mentioned that, it never occurred to me that the floor wouldn't be square, but it wasn't)
on #3, it's my first real building project, that's why i went over the top. I used 2x10s instead of 2x8s, put all 12 nails in each joist hanger, and put two pieces of 2x10blocking for each joist, all to keep it solid and reduce the possibility of squeaking. In the end, with a healthy amount of construction adhesive and lots of decks screws, I eliminated all squeaks.

Still have a long way to go, but I can walk across my kitchen again, so I'm on the way.

Thanks for the input.
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