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UpComingBuilder 05-20-2009 08:31 PM

Question about installing tile in my downstairs bathroom
My dad's birthday's coming up and going to school and everything I don't have much money so I decided I wanted to install tile in my bathroom downstairs for him. My friend gave me his extra tiles from his house which I have enough for the bathroom. It has a concrete base which I know is the best especially for tiles but when I take the tile out do I use a mini sledge and break them? And if that works what do I do about the mortar that's on the concrete after I take the old ones out, how does that come out? Also, is there a tool or anything thats used to make the tiles level? I don't want to mess up on putting too much mortar down and making everything weird.
Sorry if its a stupid question I use to work for a contractor and we did a job like this before but I was the one making the cuts for him while he was laying it down. Thanks guys.

Just Bill 05-21-2009 07:17 AM

Big box stores have some fairly good DIY libraries, find one on tiling that helps. To remove old tile I use a rotary hammer with it set to hammer with a chisel blade. But the older method with a hammer/chisel still works. That gets the tile and most of the old mortar. Using a notched trowel for the size tile you have will insure proper mortar coating. Thinset mortar is best. Grouting sounds easy but is often the hardest job. It can't be too thick(too hard to work), or too thin(won't last long). You have to make sure to push the grout down into every gap around the tile.

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