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dem372 06-28-2006 06:06 AM

Question about floor joists, rim joists, and rot...
Hello. I have started to install laminate in my family room. Along the back, outer wall of the family room we have a backdoor leading out to a deck. The floor under that door was sagging.

I pulled up the carpet and found the subfloor was rotted. I pulled up pieces of the subfloor and found a lot of rot underneath, especially on the rim joist on the outer wall.

To fix this, I scraped away as much of the rot as I could without digging, then nailed a 5 ft 2x4 to the rim joist, and another 2x4 to that 2x4 to serve as support for the new subfloor plank. I wedged another 2x4 under these nailed 2x4's, against the cinder block foundation, to serve as extra support.

My question is, will this be sufficient, assuming I stop the source of the rot? Is the rim joist going to need to be completely replaced? Or are repairs of this nature enough to help with the rotted rim joist?


MrNoMaintenance 06-28-2006 10:27 PM

Rotted wood is about the most useless kind you can have --- doesn’t even burn well!

The best solution would be to replace the rim joist. It makes for a good quality clean fix to the problem and if you have reasonably easy access to it, then I think that would be the way to go for the long run. It’s all about No Maintenance!

Bonus 06-29-2006 01:30 AM

Have to agree with Mr No, if you can get at it, replace it. If it's been leaking under the door you will probably want to pull the jamb to see what is going on with it and fix the problem, this will also let you get a look at ALL the rot and replace as nec.

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