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xandrew245x 09-06-2012 07:54 AM

Putting carpet back
Hey guys, Tuesday night my finish basement got some water in it after some very very heavy rain, it got some of my carpet wet. The insurance company said they would take care of everything to go ahead and call servepro.
Well, now the insurance isn't going to pay for anything, so I can't afford a contractor to come put everything back.

In the bedroom they took all the trim off the walls, and the majority of the pad, the entire carpet is loose and I will probably have to remove all the furniture in the room to be able to get the carpet back in place.

Now replacing the carpet pad is easy, all I will need to do is cut the pieces and glue them back down like they were around the edges.

To put the carpet back would I be able to just use a knee kicker, or should I try to rent a carpet stretcher.

There are two seams total that will need put back together.

In the living room they took all the trim and took the carpet pad about 3' back from all of the walls except for one.

One thing I forgot to ask, I need to get new carpet pad, but it needs to match the existing pad under the rest of the carpet, any suggestions?

firsttimeremode 09-19-2012 08:57 AM

if you dont stretch it, you will end up with big creases in it and it will look terrible. Best to do it right the first time and rent a stretcher as well as a kneekicker and install it right. Dont forget the seams!

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