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tracydr 01-11-2011 03:59 PM

Purchased home, upper tiled terrace deck is leaking we to fix properly

We are new homeowners, so I thought I would go ahead and sign up for this website because we'll probably be needing a lot of advice :laughing:.

I am attaching photos via link to photobucket of the terrace/deck in question.

We recently purchased a foreclosed home. We have been in the place for ALMOST 2 weeks. This was not really an "as-is" sale, and the bank had put about 70K into the place due to some mold issues, heating and air, some electrical, new roof, etc. One of the mold issues was in the garage, and the garage had to be gutted and sheetrocked, taped, etc. We were told the mold issue was from the need for a new roof, which they did...but now we're not so sure because this terrace sits on top of HALF of the garage.

We have noticed that this upper terrace deck is OVER top of the garage seems to maybe be leaking in places. a few of the seams in the newly sheetrocked garage seems to be "discolored" a bit and it's either a really bad taping job or the seam is "dropping" and "discolored" We have counted 12 cracked tiles in the terrace and have temporarily siliconed them all up just until we can redo the terrace.

The question we have is how to PROPERLY redo this terrace? Obviously we do not know the damage, or if there IS damage under the tiles. You can walk on it and feel as though some of the tiles are "loose". This is fully exposed to all of the weathers elements, but we live in Northern California and it doesn't get TOO cold (it was about 28 last night!).

We have had 2 "contractors" here to look at this deck/terrace and both suggested different ways of fixing this.

One suggested removing the tiles and using hot tar, the other suggested using metal, etc. and then tiling again. What is the BEST way to fix/redo this outdoor living space?

Also, what is the best type of tiles to use on a upper terrace that has a garage underneath it. The mud room also falls right under this terrace and it looks like some mold might be starting to grow in the corner of the mud room ceiling :whistling2: :furious: . It's something we were going to wait to replace, but we might have to try and do this ourselves immediately. It's a fairly large space.

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