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kdhughes 07-15-2007 11:44 AM

Pulling up tile and laying bamboo on concrete
I need an answer quick, as we are in the middle of this project. We are pulling up tile and carpet, and we will be laying strand bamboo flooring in a couple weeks. My question is whether we need to get up all the thinset from the tile before gluing down our bamboo. We chiseled up all the tile, but the grooved thinset still remains on our concrete slab. There is no way we will be able to chisel that all up with the jackhammer thing we have. Can we leave it and just use leveling compound? Does it matter? Or is there another way to get it up? Just so you know, we are talking about 550 sf of tile and 800 sf of carpet, all of which will be bamboo. The carpet is not a problem except that the thinset will not be level with the concrete under the carpet. Advice please. Thanks!

Darylh 07-15-2007 12:31 PM

Have you tried a floor scraper to get the thin set off?? This is all I have ever used. Sometimes its hard work and sometimes not to bad. The problem with leaving it is there is no way to to no if it will stay sticked over the years thats why it is preferred to remove it all.

kdhughes 07-19-2007 11:11 PM

I got it
Just in case anyone is ever looking for the answer, yes, you do need to get up all the thinset when laying new flooring (unless it is carpet). How to do that is the question. We used an air hammer with a 3" chisel to get up the tile (we rented it for $50 for the entire weekend), then we chiseled up the thinset under our appliances. That was an entire weekend's worth of work (getting up the tile and that little bit of thinset), and HARD work! I think you can rent a grinder (or sander/buffer) to get the thinset off. The only other option is to chisel it off. Home Depot does have a wider chisel, so if we have to go that route, that's what we'll do. Oh, also a super duper shop vac is a life saver when doing this. We have a small one, but we rented one, and it was so much better! We still have 500 sf of thinset to get up, so that will be at least another day.

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