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Scottydog7572 07-24-2012 11:23 AM

Problem with Quick Step flooring/underlay
We have been experiencing problems with our Quick Step floor tiles which were laid nearly 3 years ago with the tiles starting to come apart. The company who put in our new kitchen and laid our new floor state that they have only seen this happening with floors which have been subjected to flooding, some form of standing water or wet mopping and are refusing to take responsibility. There has been no problem with flooding etc and no wet mopping has actually been carried out. They stated that they had laid underlay but that it was not the underlay required by Quick Step to obtain the warranty for the tiles and disputed the fact that this could have made any difference to the performance of the floor underlay/floor tiles. The underlay was laid on top of a bare concrete floor and the underlay is only a few mm thick.

Anyway, upon lifting some tiles where they had started to come apart we found that there were sections where the underlay was actually missing with nothing between the bare concrete and the tiles and it looks like they may have been short of underlay and just not bothered joining up the gaps (around 2ft x 1ft in one area where underlay is missing). There is evidence of moisture on the tiles which were lifted up in these areas so it looks like the lack of underlay in these areas has allowed moisture to get into the gaps between the tiles.

We are about to embark on getting a new floor laid but are still in disagreement with the company who laid the floor as we believe that the problem has arisen due to poor quality of underlay laid and the fact that it is missing in the areas where problems have been found . Does anyone have any thoughts?


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