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tarzana 08-05-2010 11:11 PM

Powder Tinted Concrete: Sealant needed?
I am in Panama pouring a concrete floor inside and out. Their method is to pour the concrete, let it settle then rub in some powdered tint. It is being left "semi- rustico"= not polished but not super rough either. The kitchen counter will be polished concrete.. will either require a sealant?

Also we have build some channels to lay in some broken tiles for a mosaic design in the floor.. what would you recommend for the grout? The talk about Jamo here but it is white and I am afraid it will get dirty on the floor. I was going to use it here and there for some tile work on the kitchen counter and on the bathroom walls but worry is the dirt ground into the white color on the floor. I suppose we can make a different colored concrete that is a contrasting color.

Please if you have any answers write me quickly as we are doing all of this now and in the next few days we will be done.

thank you so much ahead of time

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