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RyanS. 04-16-2011 11:31 AM

Porch Flooring Recommendation
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I'm in the design phase for building a new porch. I've been reading through these forums trying to find an idea which will work for me but haven't quite found a thread which will work.

I live in Seattle, WA. My existing front porch is over my basement and when we get a good rain here, water will leak through the existing porch into my basement. I'd like to come up with a flooring option that will minimize or eliminate the water coming into the basement.

I will frame in half the existing front porch and move my entryway there. That solves half the problem.

I am also going to build out the front porch 4' and build a side porch. My lot has a slope to it. Where the front porch stairs will be, the porch will be about 3 feet off the ground. Where the side porch stairs will be, I will have to dig out ground to build the porch.

I was originally going to lay plywood down, redguard, then tile the porch. However I'm starting to read that might not be a good idea.

What would your suggestions be for this? I thought about doing concrete for the side porch with lightweight concrete for the front porch. One issue I will have is there is two tree roots where I plan on building the side porch. I've indicated them in the drawing. Could I still do concrete there but instead of pouring directly on the ground, use concrete pier blocks, raise the deck up a foot and then pour?

Any advice would be appreciated!



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