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Zinger 01-10-2010 11:20 PM

Porcelain Tile - More expensive really better?
Long story short, I'm doing a time job. I was at a supplier a week or so back to look at porcelain floor tile, and found a style that I thought would work well for my application. The interesting part is that for once I ended up with a rather inexpensive material cost. The cost for a 13x13 tile will be only $1.50! Most of the tiles we were looking at were in the $3 range.

The guy at the store said that the rating was a PEI 4, which was the same for the $3 tiles. There did not appear to be a difference, really.

So, I walked out of there figuring I'll go with this $1.50 tile, and now I'm wondering if it's a bad idea. What other factors am I not considering? The tile in question was a "house brand" which the salesman said was really made by name brand company X, but was priced lower for them (kind of like grocery store house brands).

Any input?

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