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Kiwi. 01-17-2011 02:20 PM

Plywood to increase floor height?
We have a split section bathroom, call them his and hers. We'd like to replace the carpet in hers with laminate.

His = sub floor, vinyl (wasn't removed when wood was added), foam pad, 5/8th engineered wood floor.

Hers = sub floor, carpet pad, carpet.

We'd like to replace the floor in the Hers with laminate to some what match what is in His, but there would be a difference in the thickness of the flooring which would show at the transition.

After removing the carpet and pad, could I lay plywood (1/4 inch?) on the subfloor (to give it more height) then the pad, then laminate? This would reduce the variation in height where the two floors meet. Not sure if adding additional plywood would cause issues.



ps. We'd consider pulling all the floor and replacing all of it at once but the prior owners had to cut into the trim/door frame to get the wood in, so unless we could get something exactly the same height those cuts/gaps would be visible.

Dansbell 01-17-2011 02:59 PM

If adding 1/4 underlayment would even the height between the two floors that might be the best thing to do. My only concern is that you make sure you secure it to the sub-floor in a fashion that will limit or eliminate any squeaks that might want to occur. If the underlayment is spanning a low spot in your sub-floor causing a gap between the two, that gap would close as you step on it and squeak as it slides up and down on the fastener.

You might add some glue to the mix but if your floor is fairly flat I would just recommend using plenty of fasteners (close together - 4" squares). A wide crown staple might be a good fastener for a 1/4" material.

Kiwi. 01-17-2011 03:06 PM

Will try and be a little more mathematical about it, but the it might require 1/2 inch ply. The plan would be to glue and screw it all, then pad and laminate.

Floor Doc 01-17-2011 06:18 PM

Don't glue and screw . just screw it . Run the length of the plywood the same way as the existing sub floor .
Just move a full sheet over one joist , so it overlaps the ply on the floor . Gap the joints 1/8"

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