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Please Help. Mold appears to be affecting my respiration.

Like the title says, I think after moldy underlayment was exposed it has begun affecting my health. I have attached the results of the air samples I had done & am asking for your opinions on a course of action & the severity of the situation. The reason I am doing this is because the company that did the air samples also does mold clean-up/remediation & I'm not sure if that's normal or if it's a conflict of interest. Any advice, information etc. would be greatly appreciated as I've been experiencing respiratory discomfort that is getting somewhat worse & will go be going to a doctor tomorrow.
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Mould - and your health? No contest!

Personally, I wouldn't waste time debating whether for instance, 'pencillium moulds at 180' were "high" or "low" - or within anyone's's your health and your life. You've established that the mould levels in your home are deleterious for your, remove it.

And yes, mould testing companies do not offer mould remediation services, as it would be seen as a conflict of interest; so contact a mould remediation company and have them do whatever is necessary for an improvement in your health.

What I'm saying is that if you have established by your own indications that mould was affecting you, then IMO you have no choice but to remove it. What other scenarios are you thinking of?

And what if some mould expert says to you: "nah, that mould level is within our norms"...what would you do? continue to suffer?

'Thing is, I don't know what your health situation is, but I can tell you that moulds affect your health. If you have an abundance of growth in your underlayment, then remove it. You can tinker around with reducing it, but that will only delay the inevitable.

I'm in the water damage industry; I don't mess around with mould and peoples health. In fact, it is cheaper to replace a mouldy object than it is to clean it, so what's the point in opening up a debate on it?


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I am a retired paramedic and have seen lots of respiratory diseases over my 25 years of medicine. I am still a paramedic and do a lot of teaching and run a few calls now and then.

First off there are few molds that cause respiratory problems. Out of the 200,000 molds there are only a few that cause permanent and life threatining problems. You also have to have sufficient exposure to have a serious reaction and having a weakened immune system is also a factor.

Second, in healthy persons there is little evidence that it causes permanent respiratory problems. The ones that do will experience coughing, wheezing and symptoms of an upper respiratory illness without having an illness and will recover quickly when away from the exposure.

Third, I don't see a standard here in this report. There is no mention of anything being high or low, average or anything else. Since mold is everywhere I would expect to see it in all reports of this type. Penicillian mold is very common and if you have any bread that is a few days old there is probably penicillian mold on there. You just can't see it.

If a person who has asthma and is sensitive to mold this can exacerbate their asthma and they will be taking more inhaled steroids and beta 2 agonists

That being said, everywhere you go there is mold, spores and dust. It is a fact of life. In the hot and dry SW there is the hanta virus that will kill in a matter of days if sufficient quantity is inhaled. The Leagonaires Disease is a pneumonia found in ducts in commercial buildings and is not all that uncommon. There is actually a Sick Building Symdrome that causes respiratory ailments. People would get sick during the week and get better on the weekend or while on vacation.

Most of these are benign medical problems and caused by overly sealed building with an anrificial control of the environment. This allowed pathogens to develop and multiply kind of like a very large petri dish. Leagonaires disease is a classic example. Now they have fitted building with finer filters to keep these out and have put in UV lights to kill any pathogen in the system.

There is also a very strong psychological component to coughing and wheezing. Stress and worry can cauce a constriction of the throat even though the person is fine and all tests prove negative.

I would not panic and start into a big remodel project until all the evidence is in. Do your research about what is dangerous and what isn't, talk to your doctor and above all relax. Find out what is going on and then proceed with a plan.

I would get some warm dry air movement in the house, get some radiant heat on the moldy area to kill the mold and dry out the affected area. See if the mold continues under more subfloor and maybe get that fixed. Find the source of water that is giving the mold room to grow. Then seal up the flooring with new construction.
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