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frjeff 08-20-2012 04:11 PM

Pine or Aspen
Desire to do my family room in either pine or aspen flooring.
Can anyone tell the advantages of one or the other?


user1007 08-20-2012 04:46 PM

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You know both are really very soft when it comes to flooring. Aspen has a hardness rating of only 350-420 and I cannot see laying it down for flooring. The chart below does not show anything so soft.

If it is the color you are seeking I would think about something like bamboo with a hardness greater than domestic hardwoods. You can get real, not box store or LL scraps, bamboo in just about any color from near white to ebony. Take a look at Duro-Design's website.

I used to work almost exclusively on antique homes and you would often see hardwoods in the parlors and living rooms and pine for floors upstairs in bedrooms. One assumes it was for economic reasons. Upper floors did not wear well and were often dished out and badly dinged up.

In some regions you see lots of pine flooring because it is readily available. It looks nice at first but would not be my first choice for durable flooring. Even with state of the art coatings the material itself is just too soft.

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