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Pet Smells

I have a room that smells bad with cat urine. Ive tried cleaning it with Grease Eater. That really took the stains out, and covered the smell up for a couple of days. Im wanting to know is there a way I can clean the smell and get it out, other then replacing the carpets?

thank you!


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Do a search of this site to pull up the many posts on this topic. As I remember, most agree enzymatic approaches worth a shot. Some have had luck sealing a sub-floor but as I understand it you are hoping not to have to pull up the carpeting right?

Your best bet is to use some sort of enzymatic product that breaks the urine down. "Anti-Icky Poo" is a brand I have used with reasonably favorable results. The pet store will have some other brands--Nature's Miracle comes to mind---but none have worked as well and some have obnoxious fragrance. You will have to buy enough to saturate tainted areas.

Note that for it to work you will need an "injector" to get it under the carpet backing and pad. The site selling the fluids probably sells them. One of those flavor injector things seen on tv for flavoring turkeys and meats will work too. It would take you forever with such a small syringe but those things that come with inkjet cartridge refill kits will work.

I would follow up after the enzymes have done their thing with a good extraction cleaning.

I had a loveable little one once that never urinated where he was not supposed to until we moved into a beautifully restored building that had had feral cats living in it up until the time it was rescued from the wrecking ball. Treating near every square inch of floor never did stop him from smelling something and doing his thing to mark territory.

Good luck.


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I dont want to replace the carpets. I just ordered the Anti Icky Poo advanced kit. Ill give it a shot and see what happens. thank you
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Replace the carpet and pad and buy a gallon of harmoney paint from Sherwin williams it will kill the Oder of cat pee. Paint the floor with it put the new carpet and pad down problem soloved.
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Thats still an option. But im willing to try this $136.50 option first before I spend money on paint and new flooring.
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That urine has soaked into the padding and sub flooring by now.
I'm not seeing anyway trying to address by just cleaning the carpet is going to do anything you long term.
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Put a folded blanket over the area. Or something. To stop the smell from reaching the air. Cat urine is a big problem
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Here is what I have used in the past and it worked for me. (albeit for dog urine, but HEY its worth a shot)

Recipe for dog urine remover. If youíve got the time and the patience, you can easily make your own dog urine cleaner. This method is not only good for removing dog urine, but also for getting rid of dog urine stains. First blot up as much of the urine as possible. Then mix 3 parts water to one part vinegar and saturate the spot. Next, blot it all up again. After itís dried sprinkle the area with baking soda. Next stir ĺ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide up with one tsp. dish detergent and drizzle over the baking soda. To make sure the hydrogen peroxide wonít discolor your carpet, first try this concoction on a small inconspicuous area. Next, use your fingers or an old brush to work the baking soda in. I recommend a hairbrush with little bits of plastic over the tips. Once itís dry, vacuum it up. If thereís still a slight odor or a little bit of the stain left when done repeat the process.


Directions for Dog Urine Removal

Dog Urine Odor Removal1. If the area is still wet you should first attempt to absorb the dog urine. Leaving it there to dry out will only encourage bacterial growth which causes the smell. The best method is to place several layers of paper towel over the wet area and tread on it so as to soak up as much of the dog urine as you possibly can. You may have to repeat this several times until no more dog urine can be soaked up.

2. The next step is to mix a solution of fifty percent white vinegar and fifty percent water. You must use a liberal amount of this solution to reach the carpet fibers deep down. Work the solution in with a scrubbing brush to ensure it penetrates the carpet fibers below. Now blot the area again using the paper towel method above. The vinegar will neutralize the ammonia in the dog urine. If you own a wet/dry vacuum extractor use that to remove excess moisture.

3. When the area has dried or almost dried sprinkle a good handful of baking soda over the soiled area. Mix half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of detergent. Plain liquid dishwashing detergent is quite suitable. Do not use caustic dishwasher detergent. DO NOT USE ANY DETERGENT WITH BLEACH IN IT......

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and slowly pour the hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture over the baking soda. Work the dissolving baking soda well into the carpet with your fingers or with a scrubbing brush.

Allow the area to dry completely and then vacuum thoroughly. That's all there is to it. Your carpet will smell fresh and free from urine odor.

If you don't have hydrogen peroxide on hand you could substitute it in an emergency for a spray laundry stain remover. Check the bottle. If it says 'Oxy' anywhere on the label then it probably contains hydrogen peroxide.

In areas that have been heavily soiled with dog urine you may have to repeat the process again.
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Ill give it a shot. Im looking for the Anti Icky Poo to come in at some point. But with cats, and my carpet, i cant see the stains. So ill have to use the black light.

I know covering the area with a plastic bag does work, but im not going to do that for long term. I want the smell gone.

Ive already tried the carpet cleaner Grease Eater. While it took ink stains and foot traffic stains out Rather better then expected, it just covered the smell up for a few days.

As a last resort, i may pull the carpet up and when I can afford new ill install a hardwood floor. But this is a final option.


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