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ClemsonJeeper 06-24-2007 02:58 PM

Pergo installation patterns?
So in installing my pergo, I'm following the instructions as included in the boxes. I laid the first row, cut (and kept the remainder). Then cut 32" and started the 2nd row. Laid the 2nd row, cut (and kept the remainder). Used the leftovers from 1st row for 3rd, leftovers from 2nd for 4th, etc.

My 1st floor looks something like the below. I want to put pergo in the whole first level (if possible).

| |
| living room kitchen |
| |
| |
+--------------+ +--------------+
| |
stairs | dining |
| |
+--------------+ |
| A +-------+
| | bath |
| living room 1 +-------+ C
| |
| |
frt door
^ STARTED HERE (boards perpendicular to wall C)

I started in the bottom left (back left corner of living room 1) and started laying parallel towards wall C. I'm at the point now where I reached "A" and the boards now travel longer into another room.

My questions are:

1) How big is too big before I have to use a T-Molding? Since the board is perpendicular to the "doorway" that is less than 4 feet (not really a doorway as there is no door, but the walls come closer than 4 feet. This is "opening "D"), do I need to use a T-molding? I'd rather have free flow between all the rooms on my first floor.

2) There is sort of a "pattern" that is being formed in the living room 1 (the pergo I chose shows lines between each plank - they don't join up flush by design). Should I try to maintain this pattern throughout the whole floor? When I get to "A" the planks will not be in the same pattern anymore unless I cut the starter boards in the same pattern. Does this matter? Or is randomness good?


ClemsonJeeper 06-24-2007 03:02 PM

Unmangled version at:

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