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avacarr 12-10-2008 10:01 AM

pergo flooring
I have an 800 square feet area that has pergo flooring. There are areas that have been damaged 1. 2x2 area in corner, water damage 2. bed post scratched flooring and 3. a 3 inch gouge near the kitchen entrance. I have been given an estimate for 3,400. This does not seem right. I thought pergo you could exchange planks without worrying about the entire floor. Am i being ripped off.

hrjrkr 12-10-2008 10:31 AM

Sorry to hear about your mess. Well first of all to repair the damaged area you are going to have to find the exact color,species,texture and even the same company that made that flooring, if they even exist and if they do exist a lot of times,depending on how old the floor is,they may not be producing that same type of flooring anymore. I would assume that every company that make these type of floors use different locking mechanisms to hold the floor together and some are even glued together. Let's say you did find the exact flooring, if the damaged area is in the middle of the floor you would have to take out those planks leading up to the damaged area (if they are not glued together) which could mean taken out baseboards and or shoe moldings. You can't just take out a plank and put another one in. Not neatly anyways. Also if you did find the exact flooring, depending on how old your floor is, it might not match because your old planks will look worn out and old and the new planks will look new and shiny.

DUDE! 12-10-2008 04:17 PM
I installed pergo once, but never did repairs, not sure if this link will help. I can't comment on someone's quote to fix because that is not my business. I'm not sure how much water damage you have in that one spot, and not sure what the quote involves doing. You can look to see if you can find a matching color and do the repairs yourself. Could be just like was already posted, they call it pergo but lots of people call the flooring itself Pergo, not necessarily the actual manufacturer.

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