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peel and stick on vinyl? advice

Hi folks. New to the forum. Great stuff on here.
I have a client that wants me to install 12'X12' peel and stick tiles (Home Depot special) in her kitchen. Everything I've read about these things, and also from personal experience, tells me not to do it. However, she has asked me to "find a way" to make it work. Problem is, she wants me to stick them on top of her existing floor, which is linoleum/cushion flooring....the standard cheap stuff installed by the builder when the house was built 10 years ago. The existing cushion flooring is also patterned, which means it is not 100% smooth. I just can't see a way of making this work without the tiles lifting, especially in a high traffic area like a kitchen. I'd like to talk her out of it, but need ideas/ ammo.
Thanks in advance for your input.


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I'd pass on that job. It will come back and bite you on the butt.
If you do do it even if she signs a statment that you write up saying no warrenty and customer has been warned, anyone that knows you have been there working will think this is the type of quaility you do when working, there not going to give you any more work because there to ashamed to call you and there sure not going to tell anyone it was there idea to do it.


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My DIY experience with vinyl tiles has taught me to stay away at all costs. They shrink and lose their adhesion in a very short amount of time. However they are good for a quick fix to a room that you may be planning on for an upgrade in the near future. I had a carpeted bathroom in a new house and put vinyl down as a holdover until we got around to doing a complete remodel.
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I agree I would avoid that job. Sounds like a huge problem waiting to happen.
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imo, your not going to get any referral jobs from that. so just tell her the truth = the tiles will shift a little, show the pattern that in underneath them after a while, and glue will ooz out a little. if she is ok with that = take the money.
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Thanks for the input.
I went and spoke to a flooring guy as well, and he also gave me the same advice: don't.
I went back to the client and said I wouldn't recommend they proceed with the stick and peel...for all the reasons you guys gave me....and also said I wouldn't do the job if they still wanted it done.
They got wise and are now looking at replacing the vinyl flooring with something else. They haven't decided yet.
Thanks everyone.
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Are there ANY vinyl tiles that are worth installing ?

What about the 3' and 4' vinyl panels that Lowe's sells; do they fall in the same category as the vinyl tiles ?

What about the vinyl tiles that you glue down instead of peel-and-stick; are they any better ?

Lowes also has 12' wide sheet vinyl, both in floating and glue down.
If you were to use this, which install method would be better on a plywood subfloor ?

I'm getting close to having to decide on flooring on my house and I need something relatively inexpensive but want something waterproof. (Definitely not carpet nor those water sensitive snap together laminate panels)

Is my subfloor stiff enough for ceramic tiles over backerboard ?
It consists of 3/4" T&G Avantech over 2x8's that span 7'6" on 19.2" centers.

If I could put down ceramic tiles for a total materials price of $2.50/sq.ft., would that be better than any sheet vinyl of the same price ?

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I think sheet vinyl is the best in a bathroom. And I would glue it down.
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I put peel and stick vinyl tiles in my bathroom 3 years ago. I removed the sheet vinyl and used the special primer on the concrete subfloor. I haven't ever had a problem and they still look great.


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