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rkg 04-07-2012 11:33 AM

patching area of vinyl flooring before covering with a new layer?

I have a vinyl floor that I was going to cover over with another layer of vinyl flooring. Unfortunately, the subfloor/underlayment had to be repaired due
to water damage, and I am now looking for a method to build up a surface
level with the existing vinyl.

Here's an image of the area:

Obviously, the cabinet needs to go back in before I finish this off...

I've been using that cement based feathering compound elsewhere, but it seems like the stuff starts hardening up before I can get it troweled really smooth/flat if there's any depth at all to the fill. I've also got some embossing leveler to use on the floor itself, but maybe this is a little too deep an area to use that on?

Due to floor height differences, I was hoping to not have to lay down another layer of plywood on top of the whole floor.

Any suggestions appreciated.


(Richard George)

rusty baker 04-07-2012 11:38 AM

Just use some peel and stick, they are cheap and should be the same thickness as the vinyl. I assume you are using loose lay vinyl?

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