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micah72281 09-25-2010 11:27 AM

overlaying existing wood floors
i went to bid on a lady's floors the over day and these are my findings. it is a house on piers and was built in 1957. wooden planks as subfloor, tar paper moisture barrier, and then 4 inch oak natural wood floor on top, never had a problem. she remodeled the house in 2008, 40000 dollars later she didnt have the money to sand and refinish the floors so she purchased that resilant vinyl laydown flooring that looks like wood. so later she could pull it back up and sand and refinish the original floors. the original oak floor soaked up moisture and buckled. up to 2 inches in some places. she pulled up the vinyl and is letting the oak dry out. the resilant floor company is paying for the new floor but will not replace the original bc they dont want home depot finding out about this. i need to know if there is a breathable floor product out there to overlay so the moisture can circulate through the ac or if i can patch and use glue down or what. several people have looked at it and are boggled. global industries came out and said she has great insulation and great ventilation underneath house. they also said this application of the vinyl floor should have never been used in the state of louisiana, they have problems popping up everywhere

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