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MrLinux 01-30-2008 08:07 PM

OLD Hardwood ( maple ) on a concrete slab
I just acquired some OLD ( 30+ years ) 3/4 maple flooring. It came from
a school basket ball court. I spent $50 for a truck ( tacoma ) load
of 4' - 6' planks. The surface that I've seen look pretty good. The floor
used some sort of clip ( bulldog ) system that I've never heard of. The
tounges and groves look like they are in very good shape. No nails or glue,
etc. The planks are 'flat' on the top and the bottom.... I've seen some
wood where the bottom is groved or channeled... I unpacked a bundle and
dry fitted it... it looks fairly strait. Not sure if I want to sand off the old
finish or use it as is... I'm going for a 'rough' look.... more warehouse than

I live in Texas if it matters... not too dry.. not to wet... kind of humid
during the summer... dry during the winter....

anyway... I am just throwing money away if I put this down on top of a
plastic, moisture barrier on top of a concrete slab? I really don't want to
spend more $$$ on a plywood subfloor than I did on the maple flooring itself...

I was planning on doing just a part of my office... a 6x12 area.. but I
might have enough to do the whole 19x12 room. 6x12 plywood under
layment would be ok... but if I do do the whole 228sf.. that' a lot of
plywood to buy.

Thanks - jack

Floorwizard 01-31-2008 09:47 PM

you will need a specific tounge and groove to float it over concrete.

sounds like you need to build wood substrate so you can nail or glue.

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