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Not Sure 08-29-2006 10:24 PM

Okay, tile guys, what do you think?
When laying tile, do you just begin at the entry door with a whole tile (18 by 18) and keep going or do you try to line them up to where you have a whole piece going down the hall with partial pieces on each side, symetrical?
The front of the entry is very open to the living, dining, and kitchen. The halls take off on both sides of the entry. All rooms will be tiled except the bedrooms.
If I can afford it, I might shake it up a bit in the entry by putting a border about a foot in from the main edges and laying the tile inside the border at a diagonal.) I'm guessing the the border will be a mosaic from broken tiles. The entry is not symetrical, so the border thing will be trick.

Throughout this building project, I ask subcontractors what I should do and I usually get, "What do you want?" (I don't blame them. It's hard to make these decisions.) Tile is pretty important! It can sell a house or, even worse, NOT sell the house. I'd like to get several opinions. I'll be visiting some open houses this weekend. Maybe, I can get some insight.

Tile laying is an art! (And, I am definitley NOT an artist!)

So, is there a magic formula to decide how to begin? Should I make sure the halls are symetrical? (I figure I will center the first tile in from the entry door with the center of the door.)

Your thoughts on this thread are greatly appreciated!

Edit added...
What is the going rate for laying tile in your area? Here, in New Mexico, I am getting bids from $1.75 to $2.50 a square foot, with no fancy stuff.

Floorwizard 08-29-2006 11:47 PM

$4.50 a ft here in AK where we tend to be a bit higher.

I know that tile layers start in the middle and work their way outward. taking everything into consideration.

Not Sure 08-31-2006 05:47 AM

Thank you for your post!

Now, when I talk to the tile layers, I'll have a bit of insight. I've seen the snapped lines before on the conrete, but have never paid attention to what was going on. What I need to get is a really good tile layer!

As I get to the final issues of building a house, I'm getting more and more stressed. This is the stuff THAT shows!

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