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David_D 10-13-2008 09:57 AM

Oil or Water based Polly?
I am thinking about re-finishing my floors myself, but wanted some guidance regarding Polly.
I have read a little regarding Oil vs Water based, but wanted opinions what works best, and holds up the best as well.
I have a fairly new home with hardwood that was finished by the builder. he didnt do all that great of a job, and the poly is actually peeling and flaking at the bottom of our stairs.
Should I go with Water or Oil? Any name brands i should use, or stay away from?
Is a belt sander the way to go, or can i use the random 3 pad style sander that Lowes rents out. (Varathane)
What Grit should i start out with, and then finish with? (Foors are in ok shape).
how many coats of polly should u put down, and in between coats of polly, do you re-sand, and if so do you do it by hand?

Bubbagump 10-13-2008 12:57 PM

Major differences:

Water based: clear finish (no yellowing which may/may not be desirable), easy clean up, faster drying, requires more coats for the same level of finish as oil based, more expensive.

Oil: Slow drying, yellows, fewer coats, cheaper, harder clean up, stinks.

In my experience Oil based is much easier to apply as the way it flows it levels easier.


IMO, this is a losing battle as far as ROI. Hire a pro and get it over with. I believe in DIY, but I also know limitations.

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