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6fthook 05-17-2011 06:37 PM

Non toxic hardwood floor re-finish
Among many other projects, we are planning on re-finishing the hardwood floors in our new home.

We want to use the safest, zero voc, and non toxic products available. The only thing we've found is AFM Safecoat DuroStain. Is there anything else or is this a good product?

Also, the floors are in pretty good condition. No big scratches or gouges or anything. We just want to put another clear coat on top to bring out the shine and to protect it for the future. If possible, we would love to not have to sand the floors, as we don't want to be finding dust years later. Is there another process we can do, since the floors are already in good shape? (I've been searching for info on re-finishing floors and people mention no sanding options, but never going in depth into it)


6fthook 05-17-2011 09:15 PM

Did some more reading, a screen and re-coat may be what I'm looking for. But which machine should I use: Square buff sander OR Floor buffer and polisher (both from home depot)? Also thinking about using Earthpaint Aqualine Satin Floor Finish (

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