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UNCgal91 08-24-2008 03:47 PM

Newbie w/a flooring question Laminate v. engineered wood
Hi I am new and would like some advice on Bruce Turlington Lock and Fold engineered hardwood vs. Dupont Real Touch Elite for a kitchen. My biggest concern is scratches from kitchen chairs. Which holds up / hides scratches better? The price difference is negligible so I want the better product for our lifestyle and resale value. Thanks.

tmpyankee 08-25-2008 06:56 PM

Hello. I'm new here too, although not so new to remodeling. I'm not familiar with the specific brands of material you mentioned, but if it's simply a question of laminate versus engineered, my advice is: never ever ever use laminate flooring. Engineered wood is good, as long as it's all wood, including the top (not a graphic of wood or anything).

Here's why I say this. I have been in the real estate investment business for nearly 10 years now. In every single house I've looked at that had laminate flooring, that flooring looked like garbage. And in many cases, it had been installed just a year or so previously. It does not wear well at all.

But the #1 reason: Ask almost any real estate agent or broker, and they will tell you, laminate flooring brings down the property value. But real hardwood flooring (even if engineered) is always pleasing to a prospective buyer, and holds up very well. Even if, many years from now, you find the finish is worn off or there are many deep scratches, you can sand it and refinish most engineered flooring at least once before you need to replace.

That's my 2 cents. I hope it helps.

bob22 08-25-2008 07:29 PM

About 2 months ago I installed Bruce Turlington Lock and Fold from front entryway through hall into kitchen. It looks very good (if I do say so myself) but I must tell you I am always worried about spilling liquids on it (who doesn't in the kitchen?). Either product if it gets wet isn't going to do well (potential for warpage/cupping). So, if you are a klutz like me or have kids, you might want to consider something else. In my situation, I didn't want vinyl wall to wall again and stone was out of the question due to floor bounce. The floor has held up very well so far (thank God) but again, only in for about 2 months.
Good luck with your project.

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