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MWHITLEY 12-04-2007 10:35 PM

New vinyl flooring at Hd
:) :furious: Has anyone used the new vinly flooring home depot is selling it and it looks like wood and is in strips about three ft long and six or eight inches wide and only attaches to a strip on each other not the floor ? looks durable and easy to install ? I want to replace laminate wood i put down last year as I hate it to damn noisy ! It looks really good alot of nice choices

mike costello 12-05-2007 06:01 AM

Sounds like a floating floor?

Youll have the same sound issues.

Try upgrading the pad underneath

Concordseeker 12-05-2007 07:48 AM

No, it's not floating. It is strips of vinyl that have an overlap. I would think that it would be much quieter then laminate.

MWHITLEY 12-05-2007 09:30 AM

Ya its like thick vinyl in strips ? but I definetly dont want any more sound issues and it is floating I guess ie it doesnt glue to the floor ? but has the foam underlayment on the bottom of it already ?

Rehabber 12-05-2007 11:25 AM

I have done two installations with this stuff. it's called ALLURE.It sticks to each other but not to the floor so it is a floating floor. Most of your sound issues will disappear. It goes down easy and appears to be very durable. Both people I have installed it for are pleased. Time will tell.:)

MWHITLEY 12-06-2007 10:51 AM

What are you saying about noise ? am I wrong to thing it would be as quite as sheet vinyl ? I think its cheap enough to give it a try ? it was either this or tile so if i dont like it i can still go with tile

Rehabber 12-06-2007 11:18 AM

It is as quiet as vinyl. The first installation I did was a 340 sq ft kitchen/dining area. Second installation was a neighbor of the first who saw it, 144 sq ft daughters bedroom. Really easy to install, I used a speed sq and utility knife-- just scribe and snap :thumbup:

woodoc502 12-22-2007 02:34 PM

Allure Vinyl Strips and Home Depot
We installed :( the allure vinyl strips that float over the concrette floor. we followed the instruction to roller press the glue strips together after install but they are coming apart and will not stay glued. The glue is like a part A and Part B epoxy and if pressed activate and should make a great bond.

:furious: For two months Oct thru Dec 2007 Home Depot has not been supportive in responding to our complaints and they keep blaming Allure for not following up. Home Depot has aknowledged by personal inspection that Allure glue strips were defective. They have a Fast Response Customer Service number 520-439-2806 extension 390 who will not call back or answer their phones.

My advise is not to buy from Home Depot this type of flooring. If you do, pay their installer and make them :thumbup: rip it out on their time and expense.

Help the cause and tell your local Home Depot Mgr or call the # above about this post and they will know we are telling and you are listening and watching who takes better care of their customers.

Signed David E.

Unhappy Home Depot Allure vinyl flooring strip Buyer in Sierra Vista Arizona

TNRocks 12-22-2007 03:10 PM

I wouldn't pay the installers either at HD. They won't do u any good if something is wrong with the floor and its the manf. problems like the previous post. The installers at HD don't have to be license so anybody can become a installer for HD. If the cost or problems is to much for the installer they will just quit and re register under another name. :censored:

Floorwizard 12-22-2007 07:16 PM

sounds like a floor called "Konecto"

It's an LVT. Luxury Vinyl Tile.
In wood strips.

Should be a good product depending on quality.

shredlew 01-09-2008 12:33 PM

Problems with Konecto Lifting - Don't recommend
We had about 900 sf installed in November, 2007. Within a week, the seams began to lift from each other. The installers seemed to have done a good job, taking care to follow the directions precisely. We are now hearing that Konecto has had problems with adhesive failure. The distributor's only comment is to "make a warranty claim". The distributor has taken over a month to file a claim, and the folks at Konecto will barely speak with us directly, insisting we must go through our retailer, who then must go through the distributor, who is the only one who can file the claim. It's frustrating to be at the mercy of someone who doesn't care since they've already obviously been paid for the materials.

We would say - Don't bother with this flooring unless you are prepared to take your chances. Now we will have to tear up the house again - removing the baseboards and all the furniture so the problem can be solved. That is, if the manufacturer, distributor and retailer ever make good on the warranty.

Floorwizard 01-15-2008 10:46 PM

It's the retailers responsibility to make their call for customer satisfaction.
they should get some unused planks right away and send off to manufacturer for testing. I happen to know that Konecto should take care of business, but it will all depend on the quality of store you purchased from.

Ash74 01-16-2008 07:44 AM

Floorcraft is right...

I work for the Big Orange Box and know for a fact that while some vendors will drag their feet on claims.

If it was made around the end of the year when a lot of people take vacations and companies shut down for a short time there can be a back-log when people return to work. Your contact at your retailer should be checking once a week for you and updating you.

Another note: We do not and should not install DIY product... a least in this market. I don't know how other markets handle their installers. A product like Konecto (or in the HD case... Allure) is a DIY.

mngal 03-12-2008 10:54 AM

Trafficemaster Allure Vinyl Flooring--BAD Experience!!
Just wanted to share our horrible experience with this product to spare others the heartache and frustration we have had this past year. First the seams lifted, which eventually led to Halstead (the manufacturer) refunding our total amount spent on this product. Then upon removal of the product, we found solid MOLD growing under the flooring!! We had installed it in a "dry" walkout basement which is actually a foot above grade/ground level. We had carpet and padding down for 7 years with no moisture/mold issues. Now our cement subfloor has been compromised, and even after cleaning with bleach and water 3 times, we are still told by professionals to seal it with a mold inhibitor paint to prevent any mold spores that are still in the cement from growing in the future. In my opinion, based on our experience, this product has a flaw in it's application for use. It seems to set up conditions for moisture to be trapped and breed mold. You don't have this issue with carpet as it breathes, and you don't have this issue with traditional vinyl because it is glued completely to the subfloor or sealed around the perimeter. This product doesn't require any floor prep in it's install and it doesn't seal out air with any type of gluing down of the floor. In my opinion this allows air and moisture to be trapped under the vinyl, and presto! you have a science project growing in your home! I feel we were lucky to have the seam lifting issue which led to us removing the flooring from our home after only 8 months....what if we had left it for 5 years...can you imagine the mold levels that might have existed then?! Contact me if you want pictures!!!

dieselcake 06-19-2008 09:16 AM

moral of the story
Home Dope products are awfull for the most part made for the wal-mart cattle of america

their installers are even worse

buying anything to be installed at HD= you being OWNED

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