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mikehende 06-17-2009 06:34 PM

New Varnish crimping on floor?
We recently sanded and varnished our oak wood floor, we put 2 coats of varnish on and I think we put it on maybe a little too thick. Anyway, wherever we put any pressure on the floor the varnish will smudge or crimp, what can I do to get rid of the crimped varnish please?

jaros bros. 06-17-2009 09:40 PM

Sounds like you are right. It was put on far too thick. It has not cured yet and it doesn't sound good. You will probably have to resand and finish it over again. You need to follow the directions. Coats need to be many and very thin. Many thin layers will protect better than few thick layers.

mikehende 06-18-2009 06:12 AM

Actually this is the 2nd time we've resanded and varnished due to footprints the first time before it was dry made by my younger son, I have no desire to redo this again, this was a real #@$#$#@ pain in the ass project which caused all sorts of problems from some furniture being damaged getting wet in the rain in the backyard even though we had put a tent over it to myself and the wife arguing over everything regarding this project to myself not having use of my office e.t.c e.t.c, I'll never do a floor again in my lifetime while I am living in the house, I will have to be going on vacation or something and let someone else do it next time.

Anyway it's only a few spots here and there which shows the crimped varnished, I just need to know how to get rid of the crimped varnish?

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