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Cruisecontrol 01-15-2011 12:44 PM

New Twist on Water Damage to Laminate
Hi All,

I have a question that concerns water damage to laminate flooring. I know this topic has been extensively covered, but my question puts a new spin on it.

Recently, a series of heavy storms hit where I live in Southern California. My rain gutters were overwhelmed and water seeped under the foundation and damaged my laminate flooring. The water damage ended up warping the flooring, but fortunatley the damage was discovered early. Towels and a space heater were used almost immediately to start the drying process.

Now, although the floor is warped in places, my wife and I feel that we can live with the flooring in its current state (most of the damaged areas will be covered by a large rug). My concern is whether there is residual water, and ultimately mold, that is invisible, that may create further problems in the future. So far, no water, mildew, or any musty smell has been detected. Also, the warped section of the flooring has seemed to smooth out.

Please let me know your opinion on whther I can simply leave the flooring in its current state, or whether I'm running the risk of future problems with mold and mildew? Do you think I'd be safe leaving the flooring as is if a moisture meter indicated that no moisture was present? Any other strategies that come to mind to allow us to keep the existing flooring and escape any future pitfalls would be greatly appreciated.

woodman58 01-15-2011 02:52 PM

Laminate is installed with a foam pad under it. This will trap moisture between the laminate and pad. The floor should be replaced. I would contact your insurance company. They usually cover the cost of replacing the flooring when there is water damage. Minus your deductible.

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