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rickkeeter 02-22-2010 09:18 AM

New stair treads and flooring
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Seeking advice on installing new stair treads.

Replace carpet covered stairs with oak treads. Replace carpet at landing with engineered hardwood (1/2" thick)

2 X 10 treads covered with carpet
7 1/4" Rise

By just removing carpet and adding 1" treads, I increase the rise of my first step by 1" and decrease the height of the rise at the top step by 1".

If I remove the existing 2 X 10 treads and just lay the new oak treads then my first step then has a rise of 6 3/4" and my top step is not a problem anymore as I will use a milled flush transition oak bullnose to join into the engineered hardwood. So my obstacle is the first step.


I remove the 2 X 10 treads and then add 1/2 plywood followed by my new 1" tread to keep the same level of 1.5 inches.

Is this correct? Any advice would be appreciated.

Monpz 02-24-2010 09:54 AM

riser heights
Here is 2 cents for you. Everything that I have read and heard is that when taking stairs your feet have memory and that all the risers should be the same or one will stumble. In fact in the colonial times they purposefully had one riser shorter on their stairs so that they could hear any intruder stumble. For safety sake keep them the same.

jlhaslip 02-24-2010 10:16 PM

code where I work says all the tread rises must be within 1/4" difference maximum on the stringer.
If you can get them to that standard, you should be good.

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